2014 Racing Blog #2:What a season so far!

Before we get to the positive aspects of racing I must first mention the not so positive. Already this season we have lost a racer, a track worker, & a fan. Each one was a longtime lover of auto racing and will be missed by all. I was not at the Iowa State Fairgrounds the night of the incident and i’m glad I wasn’t. I have seen many lives lost at the track but that would have been a first to see a track worker lose his life. It’s a sad sad deal but life has gone on & we all must be appreciative of every day spent at the track that those 3 folks will not get to experience. I know for myself personally as I get older I realize how many of my great moments of joy have come at a track watching racers race. I hope you too can do this for yourself as it really keeps things in perspective in my opinion.


Now on to the positive events of the season so far & I think it’s been a great year of racing in Iowa so far. In the IMCA modified ranks three drivers have been hot in 2014: 1x Chris Abelson, 99 Jesse Sobbing, & the 5 Todd Shute. All 3 are close to the 10 win mark already & each driver seems to really be on their game. I don’t get to watch the 1x or the 99 much in central iowa where I live but watching the 5 car win this year has been a great amount of fun for myself. I encourage all fans to stop down & get to know the drivers after the races whenever you can as you never know what you’ll see, hear, & learn. The 23jr of Nick Roberts has already picked up 4 wins in his rookie season in the modified as well. Its been great to see a return of sprint cars to the Iowa State Fair Speedway in 2014 & with Denison dropping the class we are now seeing drivers from out west running ISFS as well which makes for good racing. Please try to get to ISFS at least once this year as this is the last year for the old 1/2 mile before it’s shortened for 2015. There is a Sprint Invader race July 3rd on a Thursday as well as 2 fair races on a Sunday & Monday in August. The weekly racing has really picked up as well & i count myself lucky to see so many different classes all in 1 night: hobbys,stocks,sport mods,mods,trucks,late models,& sprints and all for $10! We have been covering ISFS & S.I.S. for LuvRacin.com this year as Boone decided to not renew our press credentials. That’s why you haven’t seen any videos from Boone lately in case you were wondering. It was not our decision to stop going to Boone but we respect their decision to have us not do what we do for LuvRacin.com & with our videos on Youtube at Freedomleft. We probably wont be back at Boone until Supernats & even then there will be no videos as XSAN has all rights to the week. If any other track would like us to visit them on a Saturday we are available so just contact us at our email thefasttrackfan@rocketmail.com . We plan to head down to Osky tomorrow night for the MLRA/CBC show which is also the weekly show as well & we hope to see you all there!



Racing Blog #1:2014 off to a Fast start in Iowa Auto Racing

Our racing season kicked off in January at the Battle at the Barn in Des Moines on the Iowa State Fairgrounds and that was as always an interesting night of go cart,3 & 4 wheeler,lawn mower, & motorcycle racing. The place was absolutely packed and the races were entertaining as usual. My friend Justin did not race his 4 wheeler this year so he helped out another friend by wrenching on some go carts. We had a good time and saw a lot of old friends & made some new ones. We really look forward to this race every year as it fills our “need for speed”. If you have never been to this race please come in 2015 as Toby Kruse & his crew put on a great 2 days of racing that fills a need in winter for us race fans.

The next stop for us came at the end of March when we traveled down to LCS in Donnellson for their Spring Extravaganza 2 day show. The track was great thanks to Mike Van Genderen’s  hard work tho he did manage to blow up the water truck once which was very funny to watch! We got some pictures of it which you should be able to view on LuvRacin.com any day now. It had been 4 or 5 years since my last visit to LCS and the racing was good. Bret Lowry dominated in the sport mods. Richie & Jimmy Gustin won each once in the mods. I noticed that a few drivers down that way had changed classes for 2014 and that made it a little more difficult to tweet results on our tablet than usual. We are using a tablet this year instead of a cell phone so hopefully the results will be more accurate,quicker, & with pictures to boot. Please follow me on Twitter @thefasttrackfan for race results as i will retweet others race results tweets as well as my own.  We are also filming again this year most races and those will be on Youtube @ “freedomleft”. The photos we take will be on LuvRacin.com in 2014 again as well. Thanks to Mike & his crew for the hospitality and hard work they do. Most track preppers could learn a thing or 6 from Mike as he does a great job in Osky, Memphis Mo., Eldon & at LCS.

The next races we saw were the annual Frostbusters in Osky, Marshalltown, & Boone. Most everybody knows who finished where at these races as they are in the words of Ron Burgundy “kinda of a big deal” so i wont say much more other than that I thought each nights races was unique from the others & that the clout these races carries continues to grow. The last 3 A’s at Boone were run this past weekend before the weekly races started and they were all good races. The A main for the mods at Marshalltown was a real see-saw kinda of race with Troy Cordes leading most of the way until the last 5 laps or so when others finally passed him. The 5 of Todd Shute & the 20 of Luke Wanninger are both on their games  this year so watch out. I think the crates are doing just fine with the reduction in spoiler from 3 inches to 2 inches. On a personal note it is really exciting for us that some of our personal favorites like the 19g,10c,19,5, & others are off to such good starts in 2014 as they are so keep it up guys. On a side note poor Jenae Gustin has had a very fast sport mod but engine gremlins and suspension gremlins continue to thwart her progress but we know the tide will soon turn so keep at it Jenae! Its also worth mentioning that the 23k of Ben Kates is off to a good start in his Harris sport mod in 2014 with 2 wins at Boone that were dominant in my opinion. Weekly races will now be getting underway all over Iowa if they haven’t already so please support your track wherever you reside in our great Hawkeye state!

The Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines is under new leadership in 2014 after the end of the JJAM promotions era that previously ran the track. Tony Moro, John Pat Dorrian, & Eric Lundstrom along with the help of Karl Moyer, Bob Nading, Don Lamberti & others have really done a nice facelift of the whole area at the track. The pits have been moved to the infield except for Racesaver sprints which are outside of turn 2. The outer wall has been fixed and a new fresh coat of paint applied. Guardrail has been added to the top the fence in turns 3-4. Over 150 loads of new dirt was added to the turns & the frontstretch by Larry & Jerod Fleck Trucking & the surface last week was perfect! It was smooth & fast. The ruts are gone & so are the spongy spots. The have added a Kids Zone at the east end of the grandstands where kids can shoot hoops, drive pedal cars, & slide down a giant inflatable slide. They also have printed up a free program for fans with the drivers names & numbers so you know who your watching. I really have to say they have done a wonderful job so far. I know their are those who don’t like the concrete barriers on the inside of the track this year but I hope they will still give it a shot at some point. There is also a victory lane & a work area in the pits now. The white building in the pits on the frontstretch has been turned into a party patio where if you pay $3 more dollars than a normal pit pass you can bring your own food & beverages & watch the races from there all night. This is the last year for the track as a 1/2mile as after the state fair the track will be shortened to a high banked 3/8ths mile for 2015. Please try to get to the track as much as you can & enjoy 1 last year on the old 1/2 mile. The website is http://www.iowastatefairspeedway.com. The Twitter account is @MRPISFSpeedway which they will use on race nights to tweet results weekly as well as general info throughout the week. I hope all of you feel as we do & don’t want to lose racing at the state fair. This happened in Sedalia Mo. a few years back & now its probably gone for good. Please support ISFS in 2014 whenever you can as they are having 3 specials that are not on Fridays & an real honest attempt is being made to return the track to its glory days.


Thanks to the bloggers at PositivelyRacing.com and to Jeremy Fox at foxman1987.blogpost.com for the stories, stats, & info they put out every week for free to all race fans. See you at the races!

Blog:S.I.S. , Boone, ISFS Fair Race

Well the last weeks of summer are upon us as we wind down the regular season of racing in central Iowa. Des Moines ended their season with races held during the Iowa State Fair. Jeff Aikey scored win #59 in his IMCA Deery Bros. career in decisive fashion and all the races were good on Monday. Nick Roberts won the sport mods, Kenny Champ the hobbys, Bill Osbahr the stocks, and Tony Moro won the truck race. This was also the last race at ISFS promoted by JJAM Promotions as Mick Trier and crew called it a career that night. The latest rumor I have heard concerning Des Moines is that it will be cut down to a 3/8ths, run on Saturdays, and that 305 sprints and late models will headline on alternate weeks. There is supposedly 3 good friends who will take on promoting in 2014 at ISFS. Again this is the rumor mill as I heard it and nothing more. The source for this info is good in my opinion but things can change as we all know.
Stuart(S.I.S) is having season championship races tonite and next week will run a modified and stock car special both paying $1k to win with a couple of support classes with races at 8pm on the 1st day of September. The races have been good at Stuart when we have been able to make it and as an added bonus tonite in Stuart they are having powder puff races after the last A main.
The Boone Speedway is kicking into high gear as they approach Supernats week and many drivers are ending their seasons at Boone a little early in preparation for the 31st annual event. The weekly racing has been entertaining as always with some new victors and plenty of controversy as well. Last nights modified feature was a barnburner battle behind winner Cayden Carter who won easily. Kyle Krampe, Mike Van Genderen, Randy Havlik, Tyler Prochaska, Russ Dickerson, Todd Shute, and Jammin’ Jimmy Gustin in his 2014 Harris all battled for the position with Dickerson getting 2nd as the race ended. 185 cars were in the pits as many are doing their shakedown of their programs in preparation for Supernats while others have or will take weeks off beforehand. “Different strokes for different folks” as they say i guess eh? Well tonite will find us at S.I.S. and then Boone next Saturday, S.I.S. next Sunday, and then Monday the IMCA Hell Week starts at Boone on Labor Day. Were still not sure how many days we will attempt in Boone but if you want to get results as they happen check in with @TeamRazorCZ on Twitter as well as the IMCA website. Good luck to all drivers this week and next and hopefully it will cool off for Supernats!

Blog:Eldora Trucks & Fairbury LM’s

Well its been a few weeks since my last blog but in that time we traveled thru Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee & back thru Iowa. The Nascar Truck race at Eldora was fun to watch and the track sure has grown under Tony Stewart and his team. Kyle Larson drove a heckuva race and finished 2nd. We really enjoyed driving thru Louisville and Nashville and parts in between. The WoO LM Prarie Dirt Track Classic race was an instant classic and I was very happy to see Shannon Babb pull out the victory. The drive from Fairbury back to West Des Moines was a long one but we made it finally around 5am.

Oskaloosa has been our only weekly race since then but it was a good night as always at Southern Iowa Speedway. The 40 Scott Dickey won easily in the mods but most of the other features were closely contested. Poor Brayton Carter tried to jump a tractor tire with his sport mod but wasn’t injured thankfully. We got some more bios from drivers that will be on LuvRacin.com soon hopefully. There are not too many weeks left at Osky so head there still while you can. The Knoxviile Nationals first two nights have been won by David Gravel and Brian Brown but the polesitter for Saturday is Joey Saldana. Congrats to Kyle Strickler on winning The Night of a 1000 Stars HDT race at Britt Thursday. We may make the trip north for the Night of 10,000 Stars, and plan on going to Boone Saturday, Stuart Sunday, Des Moines Monday, and Marshalltown Tuesday. Here’s hoping your summer of racing is going well and wont ever end!

Blog:On The Road In July & We’ve Got More to See

As I sit here writing this blog the details are too many, my memory is too poor, & the nights have started to run together in my mind. We’ve hit Des Moines twice, Boone twice, Lakeside in Kansas City once, Webster City once, Stuart once, & Knoxville once also. I’m so far behind uploading photos & videos that it is just pathetic really. I guess the highlight of the whole thing was getting to spend time with friends in the stands & pits as the racing has been subpar overall due to the heat mostly in my opinion. Billy Moyer & Jeremy Payne winning at Lakeside was a treat & I recommend visiting that track if you’ve never been. Webster city was a one laner deal & a let down after Lakeside but we still got to catch up with friends & take some great photos for LuvRacin.com which I hope you’ll check out as they are getting much better at getting our photos  & bios up on the website.

Happy Gilman winning the $1000 mod special at des moines made us very happy as Josh has really got his car figured out along with the crate motor he put in it. We wished we could’ve seen the Toddzilla HDT win at Osky but we were in Kansas that night watching great races ourselves. If you havent picked up a #5 shirt yet you might wanna stop by the trailer and grab one as they are on sale until they are gone & are really sharp shirts. The Harris Clash at Knoxville was a fun night overall as was Boone this past Saturday. We spent the night in the #77c stock car pits visiting & it was neat to have a night off from tweeting results. With the late rain on Sunday plus threat of further rain & the fact that our car is not “off road ready” we skipped Stuart on the 21st but will be back hopefully on the 28th.

Wednesday morning we leave for Eldora Ohio & the Nascar Camping World Truck race on my birthday & then its on to Nashville Thursday thru Saturday morning. We hope to leave & make it to Fairbury Illinois for the 2nd night of the WoO LM’s  & the Prarie Dirt Track Classic Saturday night. However it looks like no video from either Eldora or Fairbury according to the track websites. We plan to drive back to West Des Moines after that race, get some sleep, & head to Stuart this Sunday if things go well. Wish us luck please!

Blog:Stuart Int’l Spdwy S.I.S. & Osky S.I.S. ,2 more nights of great racing!

Sunday July 7th we went to Stuart for the races and some fights broke out! There were five black flags between the hobby and sport mod A mains that we counted that invloved the Pruitts’, Andersons’, Luellens’, & Cole Ferguson. I won’t take sides here other than to say i agreed with half of the dq’s. I posted video on my Youtube channel “freedomleft” of some of the “action”. 78 Andrew Burg won the hobbys and 0b Colby Oberembt won the sport mods after all was said and done. It was definitely another exciting night at the track. Please support this facility at least once this year as it produced fanatstic racing and drama to boot!

Last night July 10th we went to Osky for another Wednesday night of weekly IMCA action at the Southern Iowa Speedway. It was the Dave Lowry Memorial night plus King Of The Hill for sport mods. 85 Jason Mcdaniel took the $150 KOH title but 1 Curtis Van Der Wal crushed the field on the dryslick track in the A main. I honestly think they should just hand him the trophy on nights when the track drys out as Curtis has his program “together” to say the least. Only 3 sport compacts raced so there was no heat but the feature was entertaining none the less as 2 Merv Chandler picked up win #16 on the year beating 00w Bill Whalen Jr with early leader 77 John Whalen dropping out late with a flat tire. 40 Scott Dickey easily won the modified A after the 5 of Todd Shute clipped a infield tractor tire going for the lead which broke the left front tie rod. Bill Bonnett was “on it” after an early flat tire sent him to the tail but he rebounded to win the hobbys in impressive fashion for win #3 on the year. The dominating drive of the night belonged to the 62 Brad Pinkerton who won by over a straight in the stock car A main. This brought back memories of years past when Brad was easily the most popular driver at Osky and won quite often in this fashion. We got some more driver bios/photos taken for LuvRacin and met some nice folks as always while pitside. If we havent gotten a driver bio from you yet we will so please be patient as we plan to get every driver at Osky & Stuart by years end hopefully. We truly want every driver represented on the LuvRacin.com website but it takes time to get them up after you fill them out. LuvRacin.com is a grassroots racing website that wants to feature the weekly racer and I hope all readers of my blog will check out the site soon as everything is accessible in 3 clicks or less! It looks like this weekend will be our first visit to Boone for the website as well.

Our next 2 weeks will be busy to say the least but we will try to get videos,photos,bios,blogs, & everything else up as quickly as possible. Friday we head to Des Moines, Saturday to Boone, Sunday to Stuart. Monday we take the night off but Tuesday will either go to Lakeside Speedway or Osky, Wednesday either Hamilton County Speedway or Osky, Thursday Knoxville for the Harris Clash, Friday Des Moines for $1000 win mods, Saturday back to Boone, Sunday Stuart again, then Monday and Tuesday we rest. Then early Wednesday morning @designed4ewe and I will head to Eldora Speedway for the NCWTS race on my birthday! We will stay overnite in Muncie In. and then Thursday head south  to Nashville Tn. for a 2 day seminar related to promotional products. While on that trip we will swing thru Kentucky, Alabama, & Mississippi so @designed4ewe can cross those states off her “never been to” list. Saturday morning we will head back north to Fairbury IL for day 2 of the WoO LM’s and then drive home afterward for a quick nap before going to Stuart again Sunday night the 28th of July! I think this will be possibly the most travel for racing i’ve ever done over 2 weeks but i’m game so let’s go racing!

Blog:Marshalltown and Boone back to back

Friday July 5th we headed northeast to Marshalltown Speedway for some weekly IMCA action on the high banked 1/4 mile. However we first went to La Carreta Mexican Restaurant for dinner. This place is in the old Pizza Hut building located on old hwy 30 on the south edge of town. It was very good food and we all thought to ourselves what a great way to kick off the night. We then traveled north about a mile to the track, entered the pits to get more bios/photos for LuvRacin.com and even bought a shirt. After finishing up the pre race duties we headed to the stands and proceeded to watch a great night of racing. The kids also had bike races at intermission which entertained the crowd. Somebody however got sticky fingers and took the “wrong” bike after the races were done! The highlight of the evening was when the 10k Ronn Lauritzen won the modified A after having lost his younger sister earlier in the day. He dedicated the win to her in victory lane and you could have heard a pin drop as he spoke over the p.a. system. Jay Schmidt, Eric Larson, Merv Chandler, & Joel Rust also were victorious. As we drove home we all commented on how much fun we had and that the track was great once again.

Saturday July 6th we headed to Boone Speedway for free admission night but not before a stop. The Big Creek State Park beach was our pit stop for the trip and @shutefan3y and myself heartily enjoyed the warm waters, cold adult beverages, warm temps, breezy winds, and kids galore playing in the waters around us. There really is nothing like throwing & catching the football one handed so that the other hand may be used to replenish the fluids lost to the heat and such! I wish I could do this every saturday but our trips to boone have been few this year as last night was only our 2nd trip in 2013. Jon Snyder made a last lap pass to win after Matthew Meinecke bobbled out of turn 2 slightly. Kyle Strickler and Todd Shute both made runs up thru the field as well. Shannon Anderson, Eric Elliott, Ty Hill, & Dusty Masolini also picked up wins on the night before a totally jampacked crowd. We arrived around 7pm after a stop at Jimmy’s BBQ Pit in downtown Boone and had to sit in the grassy area off of turn 4. Jerry Vansickle entertained the crowd all night and explained the intricacies of a weekly show to the newcomers very well. As we left the track to head home quickly we wished we could’ve visited friends in the pits but simply could not stay late. I always find Boone after the races to be a interesting visit. Tonite @designed4ewe, @shutefan3y, & myself will head to Stuart International Speedway for another Sunday night of weekly IMCA racing after spending some time at the pool this afternoon. I highly recommend goin to “stuey” in 2013 if you haven’t been yet as the racing has been good in all classes and they are running the modlites again this week.

Remember promoters to put the water in the track so the drivers dont-a-wreck!